AMATS is currently experiencing a network outage. We are unable to send and receive emails at this time. Please contact the office by phone if necessary - 330.375.2436.

What's New

AMATS has a new Traffic Count Map

AMATS  staff worked with Summit County staff to create a new interactive traffic count map for the AMATS region that is both functional and user-friendly. Users can easily move from location to location, looking up different traffic counts in their neighborhood or other communities. Each location has the most recent traffic count data, as well as historic traffic counts, with some locations dating back to 1993.  Staff expects the data to be updated annually for now, but hopes to eventually have the data become “live”, meaning that the online data will be updated nightly, making available the most up-to-date count information. Check out the new map here or by going to the Planning page on the AMATS website and clicking on Traffic Counts at the top of the page.