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Akron Speed Tables

The pilot program has officially ended for the season.  AMATS Temporary Speed Table Evaluation documents the findings and conclusions from the program . Thank you for your comments!

Final Report – Temporary Speed Table Evaluation

Akron Speed Tables Press Release

The city of Akron and the Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study (AMATS) have developed a pilot program to reduce speeds on residential streets throughout Akron using temporary safety control measures called speed tables.   Speed tables are raised areas placed across the roadway designed to physically limit the speed at which a vehicle can traverse it. Like a speed hump/bump, it extends across the roadway. Unlike a speed hump/ bump, a speed table has a long enough flat top to accommodate the entire wheelbase of most passenger cars.  Speed tables have shown to be an effective tool to reduce vehicle speeds on low traffic corridors.  Tables will be installed in two locations during the late summer of 2020 and removed in early November 2020.  Public involvement and data collection will be performed before, during and after the pilot. 

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Update:  Akron Temporary Speed Tables were installed the week of August 31.

Two locations were identified for the pilot project:

Edgewood Ave North of Euclid Ave (one table installed)

Schocalog Rd North of Stockbridge Rd (two tables installed)

Speed Table Survey

We want to hear from you! Please fill out the attached survey to provide us feedback on the temporary speed table installation!