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AMATS DRAFT Transportation Outlook 2045

AMATS staff has completed a DRAFT Transportation Outlook 2045, and welcomes feedback.  Please provide comment using the form below.

As part of its planning efforts, AMATS prepares and maintains a long-range Regional Transportation Plan with a 20-year horizon. Transportation Outlook 2045 will focus on building a transportation system that meets the needs of the Akron metropolitan area between now and 2045.

Recommendations for highway, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian improvements are included in the Draft. These recommendations were drawn from a series of reports and through consultation with local officials. While many of the recommendations contained in the Plan are projects, the Plan also includes transportation policy recommendations. Please click on the link below to review the DRAFT Transportation Outlook 2045.

Public meetings via Zoom will take place March 18 and April 29. Register for the meetings here.

DRAFT Transportation Outlook 2045