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On the Cusp…

We’re pleased to present the 2019 AMATS Annual Report. Last year was an eventful one for the agency as the Greater Akron area stood on the cusp of a new era in transportation planning: the 2020s!

During the course of the year, the AMATS Policy Committee became actively engaged in state-level debates regarding transportation and taxation policies. It was also the year when the agency released a detailed Highway Preservation Needs Report, which found that the region will need close to $4 billion just to maintain its current transportation systems from now until 2045.

On top of these achievements, the agency released the 2019 Active Transportation Plan, broke new ground in public outreach, and saw the release of the city of Kent’s SR 261 Corridor Planning Study. These are just some of the accomplishments of AMATS during 2019. To view our latest annual report, just click here.