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Wanna Take A Walk?

AMATS is seeking volunteers to plan walking tours throughout the Greater Akron Area on May 1-3 as part of our agency’s participation in Jane’s Walk.  We encourage community leaders and the public to join us in this global walking initiative .

What are Jane’s Walks?

Jane’s Walk events are community-led walking conversations inspired by the late author and urban activist, Jane Jacobs.  These events offer participants a chance to explore local neighborhoods and encourage dialogue between neighbors and community planners.  Organizers plan short walking tours of communities and neighborhoods that highlight cultural and historical features of an area.  During tours, participants actively engage in city planning by sharing their insights with civic leaders on how to improve pedestrian access and the overall walking experience along tour areas. 

Why Host a Jane’s Walk?

AMATS and its member communities rely on Jane’s Walk events as a planning resource to improve the region’s pedestrian network of sidewalks and trails.  Information gleaned from these events helps the agency and communities pursue connectivity principles through the AMATS Connecting Communities Program.

“We established the Connecting Communities Program as part of our initiative to promote livable communities.  Taking a walk with friends, neighbors and strangers is a great way for people to get to know their communities and offer creative solutions to planning officials,” AMATS Planner Darryl Kleinhenz explains.

How do I Plan a Jane’s Walk?

Annual Jane’s Walk events are scheduled for the first weekend of May and are free to the public to participate.  AMATS needs volunteers to help organize this year’s events and to lead walking tours throughout the Greater Akron area.  If your community is interested in hosting a Jane’s Walk event or if you know of an organization that would be interested in participating, please contact AMATS Planner Darryl Kleinhenz at 330-375-2436 or at

Jane’s Walks allow people to learn about their communities from a pedestrian perspective. AMATS has hosted these tours since 2014 for the purpose of promoting a more pedestrian-friendly environment in the Greater Akron area.