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STBG, TASA, CRP, Resurfacing, and TASA Supplemental Applications

Beginning September 21, 2023 and continuing through November 3, 2023, AMATS will be accepting applications for the STBG, TASA, Resurfacing, Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP), and TASA Supplemental Programs. Although not due until November 3, please return the applications as soon as possible. AMATS staff will be reviewing and scoring the projects. Please note, no Letters of Intent are due at this time. However, a Resolution will need to be included with each application. A sample of the resolution can be viewed below.

Applications (Excel/PDF)

STBG Application/STBG Application 2023

TASA Application/TASA Application 2023

Resurfacing Application/Resurfacing Application 2023

CRP Application/CRP Application 2023

TASA Supplemental Application/TASA Supplemental Application 2023

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Funding Applications Additional Info

As a reminder, our revised 2023 Funding Policy Guidelines will apply for this round of funding. Please review if needed.

Feel free to contact Amy Prater with any questions at 330-375-2436 extension 4633 or