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What's New

Talking Transportation

Our agency is pleased to launch AMATS Transportation Talk, a new podcast series that focuses on transportation happenings within the Greater Akron area.  Transportation Talk presents interviews with important figures in local, regional and state transportation planning.  The program will also present features on transportation-related issues impacting our region.

AMATS Director Curtis Baker says that the program is the agency’s latest public empowerment tool.  “We want interested parties to access information about what we do in an easier format than a dry public service announcement or an ad.  We want to take advantage of available technology and provide real depth to transportation discussions,” Baker explains.   

The agency wants people to understand the importance of transportation in their lives.  Baker says that Transportation Talk presents AMATS with the twin opportunities of describing the challenges facing region’s transportation systems while describing how the agency will face those challenges.  

Although there is no set schedule for the agency’s podcasts, Baker indicates that AMATS hopes to present them on a regular basis in the coming weeks.  Our inaugural podcast presents an interview between Baker and Valerie Shea, the planning director for METRO RTA.  Baker and Shea discuss the future of transit service within Summit County.  To listen, just click here.  Our podcasts are also available for downloading.